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Posted October 21, 2014


Twenty Five ...


Years, that is - to be specific, on October 21, 1989, in San Angelo, Texas - I made a commitment to a beautiful young girl that I loved … we’ve both held up to that commitment that we made in front of God, family and friends.  Now, I won’t BS you – it HAS been tough at times … but it’s also been easy at times too!


We had a small shindig at the shop this past Saturday night – we didn’t make a big presentation out of it, just local folks … we didn’t want folks to have to do any major travelling for the deal (we might have some BIG PLANS for an odd year – most everybody DOES 25 don’t they!!)  We had some (new and old) friends show up and even though some of the folks that we wanted to be there didn’t make it … we all had a good time anyway!!  Good folks, good groceries, some tunes in the background … and of course, fresh cold malted and hoppy beverages!


D and I decided not to do any gifts for each other (MUCH to her chagrin, but heck, we have all the junk that we need anyway!), but you know that I had a little Tricky Doo (though small) planned!  I came up with the idea quite a while back of playing a slide show of our old wedding pics (and some selected very young B&D pics – that’s our initials … not the other thing!) on the TV in the shop as the gathering progressed.  It was honestly a pretty easy deal to set up, I had already scanned all of our old pictures, so all I had to do was to put them on a thumb drive and plug that sucker into the TV!  I knew that there were a couple of USB slots on the TV, and it would only take a couple of changes on the TV to set up this continuous slide show.  So, me and the dogs completed this process on Friday afternoon after I got home from work (D was off that day … she still has a NWD!).  It was just as easy as I had envisioned … I decided to go ahead and mess with the settings on the TV to make sure that all would work as I had all planned out … VOILA!  No problems!  So after confirming, I shut the TV off since I wanted to surprise D with the slide show on the next day, and I didn’t want her to accidently wander into the shop (which rarely happens … but you never know) and see the pics!


Well, the dogs left around 8:30 that evening to go get their supper (that’s their time, dontcha know?!) – I had another beer or three … yeah, the anticipation just got the better of me, and I wanted to go ahead and watch the slide show.  As I watched the pictures scroll across the screen, I couldn’t help but to see the youth, wonder, and excitement (not to mention the fact that we were ALL skinny!) in all of the eyes.  Not just mine and D’s – but also in our parents, grandparents, family and friends!  It was really neat!  Too many of the folks in the pictures have already passed on, some have grown up (Elyse and Benjamin were simply precious back then!), I haven’t seen some of them since that day, we still “exchange” Christmas cards with some, and we stay in regular contact with way too few!!!


Well, anyway (and I’m not ashamed to admit it!), I got a little choked up looking at those pics!  I mean … just the innocence and excitement in those eyes!  I started to wish that I could “blast back to the past” and either:  1) Warn those dang naïve kids (and tell them what not to do!); or 2) just kick back and “take it easy” with them for a little bit! …


Well, in retrospect (and you know that’s where my best vision has always been!), neither option would really do any good.  I mean:  1) I know how I was like back then … I didn’t listen to anyone (not even the Preacher Man or Bubba’s namesake!  I DID listen to PVF once, but wound up in the McLennan County jail with him!) back then, I knew it all!; and 2) I’m really just too old and wound up (Mr. Type A, you might say) to enjoy hanging with these kids nowadays (I can STILL do it, it’s just not as “pleasant” as it used to be!).  Nah, I’m still a pretty healthy subscriber to the “It is what it is!” kinda philosophy.


Well, the pups heard my snifflin’ (after they got through feeding their faces) and came out to see what was wrong … yeah, they broke my pity party up ♥♥♥♥♥!  As I was visiting with them about it, they all suggested that I not surprise Mom-D with the slide show – she needed a “heads up” just like I had got … I agreed with them … they were right, once again!  But before I could call her out, she actually came visiting (and this ain’t no BS!)!  I set the scene for her and turned the TV back on!  The first time through the 100 or so pics, neither of us said anything (but we were both snifflin) – the second time through, I started making comments … we laughed, cried, and talked – the third time through, we were both silent again.


We didn’t discuss it too much, but I think that we’ve both shared some regrets on various issues over the past 25 … but, I’m not really sure that either of us have any desire to go back and change too much of it.  Sure, it wasn’t all perfect … there were some bumps along the way … many tears have been shed (happy ones, sad ones, and angry ones) --- but there were also many happy times, silly times, reflective times, and learning times thrown in there too!  Certainly we’ve had many adventures and “opportunities” ~ do I wish that a few things were different?  YOU BET!!  But, I’m still kinda thinking that if we were able to go back and change something that the ripple effect might change it ALL up (and that isn’t what I’m wanting!)!   


So … all said and done … I’m fully at peace with the path that we have taken, and I look forward to continuing along that path for as many years as we have left, with my friend, my protector, and my wife!


Love You Spunky!!!!!!









PS – I didn’t want to footnote it, because it’s kinda embarrassing – but Miss D took on the "hoodlums" on the bus in DC for me back in 1990!  She was, and is, my protector!  Look out!!









PPS – For you Spunk … “Kaiser! Kaiser! Kaiser!”  It STILL makes me laugh!!!!  I think that’s when reality set in for us! - Love you!!!!!! and thank you for this Twenty Five!

The next oughta be a little more comfortable!!!









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